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Available Puppies !!

This is Cosmo,100% Euro and

Enough Skin & Ears for 3 Basset Hounds

very Relaxed kinda Guy.

Bianca’s Tom

At 7 weeks our Basset Puppies Really

start to grow some Long Ears and their

Paws are getting Huge.

Wow !!

Puppy Breath overload !

So Very Very Basset


Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide who to Play with.Here’s a Guy who’s always happy to engage with us.He’s 100% Euro.Really starting to show all the Standard of the breed and the reason his relatives are doing so well in the Show Ring.This is Calvin out of Dizzy by Ted.

he’s Mr Smooth

Rico Suave

And Learning to Stack like a Show Puppy

Bianca’s Babies

This is Vito @ 7 weeks old.

What a Hunk !

He just turns into a Lump when you hold him

Such a Laid Back Boy !

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