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FloydOur Basset Hound Story starts in 1989 when I bought my first Basset Hound, Floyd instead of an air conditioner. Good Move!! It changed my life.

Through the years I have noticed the different quality of Basset Hounds. It is our mission to make a better hound available to folks. Soundness, good health, temperament, breed standard. We pay much attention to nutrition. It is our intention to send people home with a happy, healthy Basset Hound puppy. A sick pup will cost you way more in the long run than one that some may feel is a little high priced. A lot goes into putting good and healthy Basset Hound puppies on the ground. Basset Hound nutrition and needs are different from other breeds. It’s really important to stay in touch with your breeder so you will have the most positive experience possible. As breeders we will continually reach out for bloodlines and show points in the lines for continued improvement of the Basset Hound.

Our Bassets are our family. We love them for the individuals they are. We breed ONLY Basset Hounds and for that reason we are able to give total attention to our Bassets. Nutrition is very high on the priority list. From conception our Basset babies are nourished with the very best nutrition has to offer. Moms are on NuVet Plus throughout and as soon as our puppies can begin to eat, NuVet is put into their Formula. This is a supplement that strengthens their immunity.We have eliminated what used to be commonplace ailments in their infancy. So Much is affected with our protocol.

Wormings begin at two weeks of age and every two weeks rotating  meds as to remain effective. Vaccinations are up to date and No puppy will leave here before  NINE weeks of age.Later if we need be as our first concern is the well being of Your new Baby.

Our puppies are learning to housebreak starting at three weeks old through natural access and instinct. They get their exercise in stages as they develop. Many puppies are about the same but some will vary. So we follow their lead.

When someone takes one of our Bassets home they become part of our family. We want you to have the perfect puppy. Happy and Healthy.

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