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Bonnie, We took some pictures of the girls and thought you would like to see how cute they are. Stella is a lover and a she-devil too. She loves to attack Mimi. Mimi is a real sweetie. She is really mellow and easy going. She loves to cuddle up with you and is the first one to give kisses and greet you. Stella is more high maintenance definate princess material. My son tell everyone that Stella is like Chinese food. Sweet and Sour. Stella is more my daughter dog pink diamond collar and all. Mimi is more my sons. But we love them both. And to tell you the truth Stella has the personality of our old girl Brittany which makes her really fun to have. They are both 17 pounds and get their Nu-Vet Plus vitiamins and peanut oil everyday. I put my old boy on them too. He really has added energy. He getting along with his sisters. He is funny because he does not want to play with them but has to be near them. Thank you for everything.

Karla Rhodes

May 30, 2006

Here’s a picture of my youngest daughter, Sydney, with our new addition to the family. Thank you sooo much for a perfect puppy! The Clark Family Nicole, Roy, Robert, Dalton and Sydney

Nicole Clark

May 02, 2005

T-Bone is doing great and we all love him so much!  We just got back from our vacation last night.  He traveled so well, we couldn’t believe it!  He is a little stubborn on his leash, most of the time we have to end up picking him up to move him.  I think with time, he’ll grow out of that!  He is doing pretty well with his house training.  He has never pooped on the floor yet and today will make a week that he’s been with us!  We are blessed to have him, he is going to be a wonderful companion for us.  Everyone has loved him, my mother even says she wants a bassett!  I will keep sending updates on him and will send a picture of him a little later on.  Thanks again for helping us find him, he’s one in a million! Cindy

Cindy Tarrant

July 20, 2004

We could not be happier with our new little addition to the family.  He has been a great puppy and we have had very little accidents in the house.  Most of the time he wines just before he has to go to the bathroom, so we know to put him outside!!! We love him to death and could not thank y’all enough. Thanks, Janice Stalder

Janice Stalder

April 30, 2005

Fred is a great puppy, you and Bonnie are doing a great job with your basset’s. I’m glad, I accidently found your web site on my search engine. I will let you know when I am ready for another puppy with the same quality from a different bloodline. Thanks for everything. EulaEula Payne

Eula Payne

April 29, 2003

For your Web-site Ms Bonnie, I just want to take the time to say think you for the amazing Basset hound. Shelby Gt is a beautiful Girl. Her loving nature could only come from a good breeder. I find it hard to explain to future basset parents, The importance of those first 8 weeks in a new puppy’s life. But if you send just a moment with Shelby. You know that she was given the love and care needed. In those first few weeks by you. Mustang Sally (Shelby’s Mom) was everything you said she was. I see her Thur Shelby each and every day. Bonnie think you for being a special breeder. A breeder that cares for each and every puppy you help to bring into this world. I also think you and Jim for the your friendship and sharing of information. I proud to have one of Bonnie’s Bassets as a part of Huggable Bassets. I will work hard to make you and Mustang Sally proud. Billy at Huggable Bassets

The Frantz Family

Shadrach graduated Basic Obedience the week before Halloween, so he dressed up for graduation!  ? We are beginning him with the Kansas Search and Rescue organization soon. Lisa Rolik

Lisa & Scott

November 10, 2004

duke is doing great. he is quite a water dog. loves to get into the pool. will jump in as you can see on one of the photos. he and dixie have a great time although at times he drives her crazy. i think she was depressed for a while after we got duke home. it looked like she was saying ok he can leave now. but now i think she is happy to have the company. duke is a little rough with her sometimes. he pulls on her ears and she must have a lot of patience because she rarely snaps at him to make him stop what do you think of dixie. i think they will have good pups if and when we breed. she is great. she has a very pleasing personality and is very lovable. her favorite place is in the recliner sitting on my lap. hope you enjoy the pictures


August 07, 2003

Hi Bon Thanks for the kind words about the CD. I’m happy you enjoyed it.  This little hound dog is great.  We gave him a visit to the vet and she said he is in great shape, weighs 17 lbs. He and the other one we already have get along great. He has a very sweet personality and his ears are awesome. Hope all is well with you guys. Oh yeah, we named him “Reggie” Take Care Fletc


July 26, 2003

This is Joe S. from Wagoner, Oklahoma.  Thank you for following through with the purchase of “Miss Bailey”.  That is the name my six year old daughter picked out for her.  She is doing well and we are proud to be her owners. We will be in touch in the future.  If you have any red and white puppies please e-mail us a photo. Thanks! Joe

Joe S.

April 29, 2004

Paul and I are so happy to have a dog again.  It has been almost a year since we lost our first Basset, Roxie.  In just a few short days Libby (fka Portia) has done more to heal our hearts than time ever could.  We want to offer you our sincere gratitude for all that you did to put our minds at ease throughout Libby’s purchase and transport.  We hare that lots of people but dogs sights unseen on the internet but we had our doubts. We treat our pets like family and our expectation was that any breeder we chose did the same.  Bonnie, you not only met our expectations you exceeded them.  Over the past few weeks you patiently answered our questions and slowly eased our fears.  You handled each step of The process from our initial inquiry to Libby’s airplane ride with professionalism and kindness.  Over the weeks we came to see that you too treat your dogs like family and will do whatever it takes to ensure your pups go to good homes.  Libby is a testament to your hard work and dedication to the breed.  Thanks to you our house  feels complete once more!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Billy Lineberger

May 7, 2009

Bonnie- I have been wanting to email you all week to THANK YOU so much for these wonderful babies. I will send you a photo soon of them with all of us. We have done everything as you instructed us. Samantha took them to the vet on Thursday and they could not say enough about their great health which shows what a terrific breeder (you two) they come from. Each weigh in at 12lbs. and are to be back to the vet on the 3rd of May. They are truly loved here Bonnie. Thank you- Julie

Julie Edwards

April 24, 2005

We ordered the little “pup” tents out of a magazine and you can see that Bella really likes hers. They are loads of fun and sweet sweet sweet! Thanks for everything. More pictures later! Hayley & Bonita

Alberta Blackburn

October 20, 2003

Thanks for the Adorable Little Puppy Folks, Thanks so much for the little puppy. He is very handsome and well mannered. My older female basset hound is becoming fond of him. I am surprised how big he is, especially those paws. I believe he will be a big one some day. He sleeps with me and the other dog and uses the doggy door already. Very smart indeed this boy. I have named him Samson, a strong, passionate and heroic reputation for him to live up to. My mother, a life long Basset Hound owner, loves him and of course has bought every toy, treat and specialized food you can imagine. The house looks like Pets Mart. And as you would guess, his favorite things are an old shoe and chasing his older sister in the yard. Have a great day and I will send you more updates soon. Steve


May 25, 2003

Hi, sorry I’m just now responding – it’s been a busy week so far!. Daphne is doing fine. Saturday morning was a little rough because she was missing her mom and siblings and whimpering and whining a lot. We took her with us Saturday to pick up Hobbs at the vet. I was planning to stay outside and let him meet her away from home (I heard somewhere that you want the old dog to meet the new dog away from the house so he won’t feel threatened and like his territory is being invaded – ha!). Well, they insisted that I bring her in so they could all check her out and needless to say, they thought she was adorable. Our vet started snapping pictures (he’s a big picture taker) of her and of Hobbs meeting her. We took her back to the vet on Wednesday with your shot schedule. I guess every vet has their own opinion, so he is using the shot you gave her the first part of April to go by and he’s not going to give her her next one for a couple of weeks. He says they are really too young before age 8 weeks for any of the shots to do much good, but that breeders tend to give them early to cover all the bases. Anyway, he gave her her first heartworm medicine and a fecal test. As if you didn’t know, she didn’t have any worms. Hobbs really likes her, but you were right, he is definitely too rough right now. We let them play with each other a little while (usually with me holding onto his collar) and then we will put her in our big open metal crate while he’s in the house and they sit there and bark at and taunt each other through the bars! Daphne definitely has a high opinion of her ferociousness! But she is doing great, pooping and peeing everywhere!. I’ll try to send some pictures when we get some developed. Talk to you soon, Betsy.

Doug Lee

April 23, 2003

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